A Worm In The Apple: Common Problems With iPhones


Ah, the beloved iPhone. Apple’s ingenious amalgamation of mobile hardware and software has proven to be no mere flash in the pan. The popularity of the iPhone over its numerous generational releases has never waned. It’s user-friendly, clean interface, coupled with the phone’s awesomely seamless synergy with other Apple brand technology has won it the confidence of a massive user-base.

As is always the case with technology, just like its creators, there are no perfect machines. There are some common problems with iPhones, some which are specific to a particular iteration of the phone, and some which run through a good stretch of the generations.

We’ve listed some of the most common ones here that Denver Phone Repair can help you fix.

Connectivity issues

A Wi-Fi connection can sometimes feel like an umbilical cord, right? A disruption could leave you feeling like you’ve been booted off reserve. When you can see that the network signal is available but your phone won’t link up with it, here’s what you do: double check the cable and router status, as well as your Wi-Fi phone settings. Is nothing doing yet? Turn your phone onto Airplane mode for half a minute and then disable it. Still nothing? Then your common iPhone problem might not be so common after all, huh?


Time to bring out the big guns. Restart your phone, switch off your router, and unplug it, for good measure. The idea is to start with a clean slate. Hook everything back up and try again. If you’re still not gaining access, you’ll need to reset your network settings through the Settings>General>Reset>Network Settings path. This will clear your passwords and network details, so brace yourself for some space-filling.

Incorrect password phone lock-out

We’ve all been there. Being locked out of your own phone seems somehow more embarrassing than being locked out of your own home, right? Go figure. The upside is that you won’t need to break anything when it comes to this common iPhone problem.

What you’ll need to do to restore your phone is quite simple. Hook up your phone to your computer, open up iTunes and backup your phone after you’ve synchronized it. Now, click Restore iPhone on your iTunes dashboard as you select Restore from iTunes on your phone display setup screen.


A more drastic course, should that fail (you’ve been asked for password verification upon opening iTunes), would be to make use of the Recovery Mode, by holding the Home and Power buttons simultaneously for a few seconds, then select Restore in iTunes in the Recovery Mode screen. Unfortunately, this will result in the erasure of your saved data.

Users will tell you that the most common iPhone problems are purely software related. We tend to think this is due to the increasing complexity of our smartphones and what we require of them nowadays, but rest assured that the iPhone is designed to be supremely user-friendly and that most, if not all issues can be safely resolved with a little patience and know-how.