Buying the Best Epilators in the Market


Epilators come in various designs and brands. This makes it difficult when it comes to choosing the right one for you. A good epilator should be efficient, durable and serve the purpose intended well.

Best epilators in the market

1. Power

The number of tweezers mainly determines the power of an epilator. The basic rule is that the more the number of tweezers an epilatodsdsfdsfsdfsr has, the more hairs it will remove from the root with just a single pass. The tiny tweezers that rotate are the ones that are responsible for pulling an individual`s hair from the root.

Because of that, Emjoi AP-18 is a powerful epilator since it has seventy-two (72) tweezers. It is flowed closely by the Braun Silk-Epil 7681 which has forty (40) tweezers that are extremely powerful. With these two devices, one will rarely require over two passes for removal of all hairs from the roots. Epilation is not fast like depilatory creams or shaving.

2. Caps

Apart from the number of the tweezers that an epilator has, the caps included in the package is another important factor that one should consider before buying an epilator.

Usually, the low priced epilators include an effectiveness cap, such as Philips HP601. Also, the best expensive epilator will include a sensitive cap or a facial one. This means that one doesn’t have to get another (separate) epilator for the facial hair.

3. Only dry or wet and dry epilator

The reason why a wet and dry epilator is the best is that one can cause use it when taking a bath or under a shower. The hot water will open up the pores. This is one of the greatest methods of lessening epilation pain.

4. Cordless/corded

Obviously, the wet and dry epilators are cordless. They always run up to a maximum of forty (40) minutes on just a single charge, and they can take about 1 hour when charging. Also, there are dry cordless epilators, such as Philips HP6576.

5. Built-indfsfdsfsfs Light

This is a great feature for ensuring that all the hairs are totally removed.

6. Washable head

For the best hygiene, nearly all epilators feature washable heads. However, it is crucial to know that clean epilators don`t guarantee that the users will not get ingrown hairs, though it helps.

7. Additional features

Other features include a shaving or trimmer head. The two heads, apart from a tweezer head, will convert an epilator into a trimming or shaving device. Other useful and practical additions include a pivoting head or a message head.