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General Information on the Vintage Lamps


Antique lamps come in a wide variety of styles. The most popular ones are the slag glass and Victorian kinds. In terms of leading brands, Handel, Aladdin and Tiffany are much preferred.

Their value is highly dependent on how much reproduction there is in the market. The smaller in quantity they are, the more expensive they become. We have different types of the vintage lamps.



The oil lamp is the earliest known lamp in the world. It has an absorbent wick and is hgghhghghgconsidered a simplistic vessel. It was mass produced during the 19th century. Manufacturers would usually make the burner and metal base themselves. However, they would typically buy the glass from another manufacturer. During the Victorian Era which was from the 1840s to the 1900s, candelabras and oil lamps were used together with electric lamps.

Aladdin Industries Inc. created an oil which was so bright that no other lamp could rival it. It was called the Aladdin lamp and was made in 1908. The lamp industry’s biggest development happened during the end of the 1800s. It was a time when ornate glass lampshades were widely popular. Those with floral images were much sought after. This was the time when people started using lamps as a decoration, instead of just for functionality. Floor lamps and decorative tables began to be popular in the United States during the 20th century. Brands like Tiffany and Handel were at their highest peak during this time.


Tiffany and other companies created lamp bases which were bronze and gilt-bronze. They simulated tree trunks or plants. Floral or naturalistic art glass colors were mixed with colorful glass pieces which were combined together. Tiffany lamps became so well loved which is why thousands of them were made. Today, they are considered to be very valuable.

Different Bulb types

kjkjkjkjkjkA lot of collectors consider them as their prized possessions. After World War II, mid-century lamps became much simpler, sillier and groovier. The Eames lamps were made out of metal. They had long, narrow and wavy stems. Lamps who have multiple bulbs and a swiveling neck also became popular. In the 1950s, TV lamps started to boom in the market. They were usually made out of plaster or ceramic. These lamps had a backlit decorative sculpture. They were made in the shape of people, plants and animals. Lava lamps became an icon during the 1960s and 1970s.

It was made using a combination of heated wax, dyed water and chemicals to imitate real lava imagery. Vintage lamps are seen as a collector’s item because of their high retail value. They’re commonly sold in auctions and in antique stores and lots of enthusiasts continue to purchase them.…

A Good Interior Designer


int3Knowing where to find a good interior designer is not easy particularly when you have just purchased a house.

You may realize that your seat looks stuffy in your new apartment suite.

Turning to interior designers for guidance is a good idea if you feel this way. Doing so will help you tackle these issues and many others creatively. Here are a few tips on how to pick the right interior designer.

You should have a unique style

Determine your style or the look you wish to have in your home. Great designers ought to have the match their work to suit your taste even if their style is different from yours. However, choosing specific professionals for unique work is important. If you want to have a modern look, then you should hire a designer suited for contemporary work. The same goes for a conservative look in your home. You may also allow designers to express their ideas and make it a reality in your home if you do not have a clue about your style.int2

You should View the work of many designers

Request to see a designer’s portfolio for you to find the style you like. This portfolio can be in the form of a colorful book with numerous pictures, or those photos can exist on an online site owned by the designer. Remember, you do not have to purchase everything from a designer if you view his work so do not feel shy to ask for more pictures than he gave you to see. You can also see photos from furniture and owners of home shops. They may have the kind of style that you are looking for to spruce up your house.

You should prepare a financial plan

You should determine how much money you could spare for design work before you hire a intdesigner. Doing so allows you to negotiate with your designer so that you can reach an agreement that is beneficial for both of you. Determine the method used to charge for his services. He may have a flat fee while another has a flexible rate. Other designers charge per hour for their services. Knowing the payment method used allows you to choose one that fits your pocket.

Finally, you should be flexible when it comes to choosing an interior designer but do not lower your standards. You can wait for him to complete what he is doing. You can also pay him a higher fee so that he can take care of your home first. Hire a professional that is trustworthy and reputable now that you know where to find a good interior designer.…