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How to aid depression


Depression can feel like a black hole that swallows you into an endless frustration; your body stops functioning as your head keeps thinking of negative stuff and you lose hope. But fret not, think of depression as a battle with yourself, and here we have listed several ways on how to aid your struggle with depression.

Get into a routine and set goals

Depression often starts from the lack of routine, establishing a habit and a daily goal might help you strip away from your depression. Anything works, even a simple get up from the bed to do your chores is considered a simple daily goal. Start small and soon you’ll be able to return to your regular life as you usually do.

Eat healthyasdasdasd

There’s no guarantee that eating will make you happy or get rid of your depression, there is some evidence that eating foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids (found in tuna and salmon) and folic acids (found in spinach and avocado) can help to ease your depression. Avoid alcohol and drugs which can worsen your mental illness.

Tip: getting a good night sleep also helps, make sure you get seven or eight hours of sleep.

Stay connected with the people you love

Getting support from your closest friends or family might be the most efficient way to help with your depression, but at the same time reaching out can be a bit hard to do when you’re feeling down. By reaching out and talking to your closest people, you can maintain a healthy perspective.

Tip: if you feel like you need privacy you can always call suicide-hotlines that will listen to your problems, while also keeping your privacy.

Do something new

Apart from talking, you can always try something new. Go to a museum, get into some class that you always wanted, go to social events, the possibilities are endless. Those unique experience can help to make you forget about your depression, and most importantly make sure you have fun.

Seek professional help

sdasdasIf all else fails you can always seek professional help, they will hear your problem, list the medications that you need. If you live in Bali and you need a licensed therapist for your depression consider to visit our website.

Tip: be honest with your therapist, they need your full story about everything that triggered your depression, this will help the therapist on what step to take and also what medications to get.…