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Wrongfully being arrested for the Crime

False Arrest 08

I know this poor friend of mine who was wrongfully arrested for a crime he did not commit. He was in a thrift shop, and the cashier suddenly realized she was missing $100. Since my friend has been in the thrift shop for over an hour, they thought it was him.

She called the cops after that without him knowing. Of course, he False Arrest 07denied all the allegations against him which was a good move. The next thing he did was to point to the CCTV cam located on the ceiling. Everyone viewed it, and it turns out it was one of the workers of the thrift shop. They ended up letting my friend go even if they already brought him to the police station for questioning.

The cashier and the cops apologized to my friend for that incident. I mean you would not want to be wrongfully accused of something you did not commit. It was a good thing he was cool with it, but I doubt he will go back to the thrift shop any time soon. I don’t blame them for accusing him though since he isn’t exactly someone who dresses nicely. He was dressed like he just woke up when he went to the thrift shop. It must be because he lives nearby. I was wondering why he was taking so long there though.

False Arrest 09It turns out he was there for a long time because he could not get a signal on his phone. He tried to on and off his mobile phone about a dozen times and he still can’t get a signal. I wonder why he did not try going out of the thrift shop. I guess he didn’t think of it but what’s done is done, and I hope he learned from his lesson to never stay in a store for over an hour. It is not going to be good when someone you know spots you in the police station being questioned by the police. The word might spread around town that you are some criminal, and you wouldn’t want that as your reputation would be ruined. If it gets ruined, then it would be hard to repair it. Taking care of your name is something money can’t buy, but it has great importance. In the future, I’m sure he’ll never forget the time he was wrongfully being arrested for a crime he did not commit.…