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Using Pure Cambogia Ultra To Lose Weight


Pure Cambogia Ultra is a popular weight loss supplement that is obtained from the tropical fruit Garcinia cambogia which is also known as Malabar tamarind. Nowadays, it is used to make celebrity diet pills. The traditional uses of this fruit were to add a sour flavor to meals but today it is very popular due to its weight loss effect.

The skin of this fruit is known to contain high amounts of HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid) which is the main ingredient in Pure jmkb36egd5t37eud8u26eCambogia Ultra. Studies have also shown that this active ingredient can lead to weight loss among many other health benefits.

Pure Cambogia Ultra is today the most popular weight loss supplement with over one million users and thousands more searching for it all over the world.

How Pure Cambogia Ultra works

After so many studies on both humans and animals, HCA, the active ingredient in this supplement has been shown to affect weight and appetite in the following two ways:

Fat production

It blocks Citrate Lyase, a fat producing hormone hence making it harder for the body to produce and store fats.


HCA increases the levels of serotonin, a hormone found in the brain, which leads to fewer cravings and reduced appetite. The above two ways lead to weight loss and most importantly, the reduction of the belly fat which most men and women struggle with.

Other health benefits of Pure Cambogia Ultra

Besides aiding in weight loss, pure cambogia ultra has other health benefits which includes:

  • Reducing LDL cholesterol and raising HDL also known as the good cholesterol
  • Lowering triglycerides and reducing inflammation
  • Reduces inflammation and improves antioxidant status.
  • It also helps to reduce lower abdomen fat which is harmful to the surrounding organs and can cause diseases.

The best place to buy

You can get this supplement in most drug stores but you should always look for a brand that has 50 -60 per cent hydroxycitric acid. However, since the quality available in different places varies in due to the availability of counterfeits hnjkip26etd7y25dr5t282in the market and also because of the fact that they are not regulated by FDA, always ensure that you confirm with the pharmacist if what you are about to buy is the original supplement or not.


The recommended dosage of this supplement is 500mg three times daily about 30 minutes to one hour before meals. Chumlee weight loss reveals the right dosage to use. However, the dosage may vary depending on the brand. In this case, it is important to read carefully the label and follow all the instructions on the packaging.…