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An Introduction to the job scope of Advertising and Media Consultants

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Advertising and media consultants are two important categories of professionals in the political or business world. Although their job scopes are by and large similar to the work done by Michael Kassan, there are slight differences between the two, as elaborated upon in this article.

An advertising consultant is an individual who helps businesses develop Business Consultants 25an appropriate advertising strategy in order to promote their goods and services. These professionals are typically employed either on a full-time or part-time basis by a consulting firm, or they can also be self-employed as a freelancer, offering their services to a wide variety of businesses around the region.

The job scope of an advertising consultant typically involves performing various forms of market research, selecting appropriate forms of media for the advertising process, generating sample advertisements as well as meeting up with and making presentations to various clients.

The first step of an undertaken project typically involves meeting with the client. During this initial discussion, the advertising consultant will discuss details such as the scope of the client’s services, the intended project budget, as well as his or her goals for advertising. This is a crucial first step in order for the advertising consultant as it allows him or her to provide the client with the marketing strategy best suited for the individual or the business as a whole.

Business Consultants 26A media consultant is typically also known as a marketing agent or an executive public relations officer who is involved in obtaining (often positive) forms of press coverage for particular business candidates or large corporations. A large part of this process involves drafting press releases, scheduling appointments and interviews as well as promoting the achievements of the individual or business via social media.

Media consultants are also hired in political circles to create advertising campaigns in order to craft a favourable image of the candidate amongst the general public. Today, a large majority of media consultants use social media to advertise their clients or develop their online media campaigns. This typically involves the usage of various blogs, videos and forum posts seen on social Business Consultants 27networking websites such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Tumblr and even Google+.
The key difference between advertising and media consultants is that the latter job relies more on the use of social media while the former job typically involves more offline means of communication between specialists, clients and consumers. However, both advertising and media consultants are undoubtedly important players in the business and political arenas.…