Tips for teamwork improvement


A company’s productivity depends strongly on the dynamics of the employee. But the chemistry among colleagues does not come out of the blue. The team leader needs to nurture the bound by implementing several stimuli.

Performance-based credit

When a project is open to the team, naturally each member will accommodate the tasks using their unique approaches. Make sure you have a transparent reward system for anyone who can perform well. Clear role description and division should merge with the reward system.

There is no ‘I’ on a team, but a big project with tremendous burden may decrease the team morale if there is no individual recognition for their hard work. You should expect that all members will not have equal performance; that one person may be faster in getting his/her task done. If that person does not get any credits for doing things better, it may affect his enthusiasm for working with the team in the future. The team surely will take the primary credit for finishing a project, but a good team leader will share that glory with the members and share the biggest part of it with the individual with the best performance.

Co-work socializing

ssss213123Co-workers will group themselves. When the working hour is over, you can see who hang out pretty well with who. Your colleagues will inevitably maintain an interpersonal relationship with each other outside the office. The problem is, most of the time, an office worker only hangs out with his/her preferred co-worker. It facilitates gossiping and ill-manner.

Of course, bad mouthing among co-worker cannot perish totally. It is natural for a person not to be friendly to everyone. And friendship among co-workers is personal business. But there are still ways to minimize the potential harm and even improve the teamwork dynamics.

You can design positive co-worker social programs. Weekends’ volunteer program for local handicaps or soup-kitchen, employee outing, simply eating together or other team building activities can improve the bonding among co-workers. This kind of program makes co-workers interact with each other more naturally. Do not be rigid in hosting the company’s dine, or leading the volunteer program. Prioritize how your team members can enjoy participating in your programs.

Provide a consul

Miscommunication will occur, and that follows Murphy’s Law-if anything can go wrong, it will. As a good team leader, you need to think of a set of protocols to resolve a dispute in your team.
Brainstorm the possible situations that may cause a brawl. Be imaginative, and think of how to resolve the problem.

ffwer34234Provide hearing to your colleagues’ trouble, especially when they do not feel good with another colleague when working. Choose reconciliation over the blaming game. If one person’s mistake is obvious, do not aggravate the situation by shaming him/her. Treat your co-workers objectively and embrace supporting an accusation with evidence.